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Clay Mask | Seaweed & Bentonite Mask

Clay Mask | Seaweed & Bentonite Mask

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These clay masks are all-natural and have no added scents. This allows them to be fully customized by you and helps them last longer. You can activate the powder with all kinds of possibilities. Water, aloe vera, apple cider vinegar (this is better for more oily skin), kefir, yogurt, and even buttermilk! Each pouch contains about five ounces, which is enough powder in each pouch for 4-6 applications. The masks can be purchased individually or as a set. Each set comes with a little bamboo scoop.

This mask is great for all types of skin, from combination to oily, young or aging, it really is good for most skin types and will brighten and cleanse beautifully. This mask contains spirulina, kaolin clay, sea clay, and aloe powder (used by some to treat acne). You can activate this mask with water, kefir, yogurt, or aloe vera.

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