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Pomegranate & Rosehip Facial Serum

Pomegranate & Rosehip Facial Serum

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The 2oz facial serum has a blend of carrier oils that can be used on all skin types to balance, calm, hydrate, and smooth your skin. We use jojoba oil for its incredible skin benefits and because its fatty acid content is similar to our own sebum, it creates fast absorption into the skin.

Pomegranate seed oil is included in this facial serum because it is a very luxurious and nutritious oil with high antioxidant properties.

Rosehip seed oil is added for its high essential fatty acid content and its ability to rejuvenate the skin, hydrating wrinkles and moisturizing mature skin.

Tamanu oil is a very thick, dark green oil that helps the skin to heal and address wrinkles and mature skin. It has wonderfully healing properties.

This blend will not clog your pores. It is considered a dry oil blend, meaning it will absorb quickly into your skin, yet keep your face feeling hydrated and nourished. The essential oil blend is gentle and specifically selected for their benefits to facial skin.

This generous two ounce bottle also contains a very modest amount of essential oils that are gentle to facial skin.


Application instructions:

Roll the bottle in your hands to blend the oils. Place a coin sized amount of serum into your hands and apply to face and neck. Then, proceed with your regular moisturizing and makeup applications. This can be done morning and evening. Store in a dark place, out of sunlight.

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