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Pick Any 2 Beard Balms

Pick Any 2 Beard Balms

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Get any of our 2 beard balms for $20.

Beard Balms help to condition, soften, and style beards. Some men will experience red bumps or dry skin under the beard. If you rub the beard balm into a fresh clean beard until it gets all the way to the facial skin, it will help moisturize and remedy some of the dry skin and redness that occurs under the beard.

Our beard balms smell wonderful and are not overpowering in scent. In our formulation, we like to blend sweet almond oil with jojoba and argan oil. Additionally, we add shea butter and beeswax which helps to soften and hydrate the hair.

Rosemary is infused in the oils that make up our beard balm. Rosemary regenerates skin cells, and stimulates circulation to encourage hair growth. Additionally, the beard balms are made with argan and jojoba oil, and moisturizing shea butter to soften the facial hair and help in conditioning any razor burn or red blemishes under the beard.

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