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Face Care Bundle

Face Care Bundle

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Our face care bundle is the perfect combination of products to keep your face hydrated and feeling great!

Our face care bundle combines a nourishing blend of soap, facial serum, clay mask, and night cream to hydrate and moisturize your skin. Our serum and night cream contain a robust blend of oils that are very luxurious and rejuvenating. Our facial soap is made with fresh goat milk from our farm and organic oils such as hemp seed and jojoba oil that are rich in fatty acid content that can work on both dry and oily skin. We use a gentle amount of essential oils that are specifically blended for the facial skin. Our masks are designed to be used one to two times a week and with regular use will help improve skin appearance, tighten pores and leave your face feeling more balanced and soft.

Our Face Care Bundles Include:

  • 1 bottle of Pomegrenate and Rosehip Face Serum
  • 1 five-ounce bar of Marshmallow and Avocado Fae Soap
  • 1 Rosehip and Lavender Face Cream
  • 1 Clay mask (Good for 4-6 applications)

    Our products are all natural and made with intention, care, and lots of love. We appreciate you supporting our small, Kentucky-owned business!

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